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    Why You Should Choose a Cosmetic Surgery Practice for Your Injectables

    Woman receiving a cosmetic injectables treatment at a cosmetic surgery practice

    Injectables offer a safe, non-surgical solution for attractively restoring volume, improving facial contours, and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles—if performed by a vetted, highly-experienced injector who is under the supervision of a board certified cosmetic surgeon.

    In 2021, injectables made up 65% of non-surgical procedures in the US—over 3.6 million neurotoxin and over 1.8 million dermal filler treatments were provided. But, as the popularity of injectables has skyrocketed, so has the number of injectors—and many are woefully underqualified.

    To help ensure you select a qualified injector, we’ve put together this blog explaining why it matters who performs your cosmetic injections.

    Who can legally perform facial injections?

    Providers who can perform facial injections vary by state but they may include:

    • Cosmetic plastic surgeons
    • Registered Nurses (RNs)
    • Physicians Assistants (PAs)
    • Dentists
    • Other physicians (OBGYN, Family Practice, etc.)

    Why does it matter who does my Botox or filler?

    To achieve consistent, desirable results, medical professionals must balance art (creating a natural appearance) and science (a thorough understanding of injectable products and facial anatomy). While injectors typically receive some basic training, if not appropriately guided and supervised, they can be at a great disadvantage when it comes to safely delivering natural results.

    An injector working under the supervision of an expert cosmetic surgeon will be more deeply trained in nuanced techniques and be required to follow the highest safety protocols.

    In contrast, board certified cosmetic surgeons have extensive, proven knowledge of medical aesthetics and have demonstrated they are versed in all methods of facial rejuvenation; this is underpinned by a surgeon’s deep understanding of the human body and patient safety. An injector working under the supervision of an expert cosmetic surgeon will thus be more deeply trained in nuanced techniques and be required to follow the highest safety protocols.

    A trustworthy injector will:

    • Review your medical history to determine if you are a good candidate for injectables.
    • Have a detailed discussion with you to understand your goals.
    • Share a range of treatment options and help you select the appropriate product to achieve your desired aesthetic, wrapping in the supervising cosmetic surgeon as needed.
    • Place the chosen product(s) in the ideal position and in precise amounts to create a natural look, while avoiding pitfalls of incorrect placement which could compromise your appearance.
    • Recognize and mitigate complications if they occur.

    Cosmetic risks of overtreatment with neurotoxin

    With neurotoxins like Botox and Dysport, which are designed to relax muscle contractions, an inexperienced injector can easily over-treat an area and cause the muscle to lose most, if not all movement. The only remedy is waiting for the effects to wear off, which means a small mistake could compromise your appearance for 3-4 months!

    Overtreatment with neurotoxins may result in:

    • A perpetually “surprised” expression.
    • Drooping, heavy eyebrows that make you look chronically downcast.
    • Freezing the face in unnatural expressions.
    • Lopsided eyes or asymmetrical features.

    These side effects may also be caused by improper injection placement, making a comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy and physiology crucial for safe, optimal results.

    Cosmetic risks of overtreatment with injectable fillers

    Thankfully, dermal fillers can be dissolved if needed—but as fillers can be pricey, receiving injections only to have them dissolved would be both costly and inconvenient.

    Tell-tale signs of a poor filler treatment include:

    • “Duck lips”—often due to poor placement and migration.
    • An overly puffy, unnatural appearance, usually in the midface.
    • Inflated cheekbones and brows, causing a cat-like appearance.
    • Broad, over-protruding temples and forehead.

    When injections are performed by a skilled injector under the direction of a cosmetic plastic surgeon, results will beautifully accentuate features and enhance the face for a natural, youthful appearance.

    Other reasons to avoid bargain injectables

    Did you know injectable product manufacturers largely control pricing of products? Thus, any unrealistically low pricing is a red-flag. Bargain hunting could lead to receiving overly diluted neurotoxins that will not have the desired effect, or worse, black market injectables that are contaminated, resulting in a risk for serious consequences.

    In contrast, choosing a trusted cosmetic surgery practice that charges appropriate prices for injectable wrinkle treatment in Joplin will ensure you are receiving safe, authentic products backed by the FDA.

    Board certified cosmetic surgeons stay abreast of the latest cosmetic technologies

    Cosmetic surgeons undergo years of rigorous training to gain an intimate understanding of how surgical and non-surgical treatments will impact your appearance. This allows them a unique medical and aesthetic perspective that is not afforded to other physicians outside of cosmetic plastic surgery.

    Additionally, board certified cosmetic surgeons stay abreast of the latest advances in injectables. Continued education is required to retain board certification, ensuring your safety and that you will benefit from techniques on the cutting edge of an evolving industry.

    As such, an injector housed in a cosmetic surgery practice has a great advantage over other providers which often completely lack sophisticated medical supervision. (Our nurse injector, Beth, was hand-selected by Joplin cosmetic surgeon Dr. Maningas to work alongside him to provide safe, beautiful results.)

    Cosmetic surgery practices offer continuity in facial rejuvenation treatment

    Facial injections offer near-immediate results but require regular follow up appointments to maintain them. Additionally, injectables are often best complemented by other technologies or select surgical procedures to create enhanced results—especially as we age.

    As a full aesthetic practice, Maningas Cosmetic Surgery houses both a board certified cosmetic surgeon and a complete staff of medical spa professionals, allowing us to serve you long-term and meet your evolving facial rejuvenation needs with everything from cosmetic surgery to microneedling and other non-invasive skin treatments. This connection is key as Dr. Maningas and his medical staff will be aware of your previous treatments, personal aesthetic preferences, and appearance changes over time and thus help you to maintain a rejuvenated appearance for years to come.

    Facial injectables in Joplin, MO

    Triple-board certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Talon Maningas and nurse injector Beth are dedicated to empowering patients in Joplin, MO and the four-state area: we will fully educate you on your options and only provide treatments we are confident will provide stellar results. We invite you to schedule your consultation online or call our practice at (417) 437-0303.

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