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    Face Services

    Trust Your Face to the Best

    Facial cosmetic surgery in Joplin, MO has come a long way. There have been major advancements in techniques and technologies in facial rejuvenation to combat the signs of aging. Whether you prefer striking or subtle facial cosmetic enhancements, Dr. Maningas has the skill and experience to deliver exceptional results.

    Maningas Cosmetic Surgery offers several facial cosmetic procedures to achieve your facial rejuvenation goals.
    Click on a procedure below to get a basic understanding of the procedure. These pages are intended only as an overview. You can receive more detailed information during an in-office consultation with Dr. Maningas.

    Facial cosmetic surgery is any elective procedure done to enhance your face, nose, eyes, chin, cheeks, brows or neck. The most common facial cosmetic surgery procedure, known as a “face lift,” is often a combination of facial cosmetic procedures to improve, reshape, augment or restore your appearance, making you look younger. These facial cosmetic surgery procedures can be done alone or in combination, depending on what your goals are and what Dr. Maningas recommends. Often a combination of the above facial cosmetic procedures is much more powerful in achieving significant results when compared to single procedures or treatments.

    Trust Your Face to the Best

    Dr. Maningas explains the different options that are available for facial cosmetic procedures at Maningas Cosmetic Surgery. To discuss in more detail which options will work best with you cosmetic surgery goals, schedule a complimentary consultation either one of our three locations in Joplin, MO and Northwest Arkansas.

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