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    Heard All the Buzz About the BOTOX Lip Flip? Here’s What it Can and Can’t Do.

    Heard All the Buzz About the BOTOX Lip Flip? Here’s What it Can and Can’t Do.

    Lip fillers have become ubiquitous over the last few years, and Juvéderm®, Restylane®, and Kysse™ have become household names. As a result, injectors have begun to pay more attention to the very delicate lip area. The cosmetics world even found a way to enhance the lips with BOTOX®, the injectable usually used to treat wrinkles. This procedure is known as the Botox lip flip.

    You have probably heard about the lip flip, a specialized injection of the popular toxin that gives the upper lip a little extra zhuzh. While it’s no substitute for lip filler, the lip flip is a useful nonsurgical option that can help achieve many patients’ goals for lip (and smile) enhancement, alone or in conjunction with lip filler.

    Today, we will discuss how the procedure works, who is a good candidate for the lip flip, how it differs from lip filler, and tips for choosing a highly-qualified injector for your lip enhancement.

    A note of caution: This procedure requires meticulous skill and expert knowledge of injectables. Poor injection technique can risk bad results that may interfere with your ability to move your lips normally. To reduce this risk, choose an experienced, highly-trained injector with an outstanding track record of good results from the Botox lip flip.

    What are the benefits of a Botox lip flip?

    The lip flip creates the appearance of a fuller, rounder lip by giving the upper lip a poutier shape and adding definition to the upper lip line (a.k.a. the vermillion border). The lip shows a subtle, relaxed fullness, especially when you smile, without adding volume or changing the natural shape of your lips. This injection has the added benefit of smoothing vertical lines that form above the upper lip; also, if your lip disappears when you smile, becoming stretched and invisible, this may enhance the appearance of your upper lip when smiling.

    Compared with a surgical lip lift, the lip flip has the benefit of being temporary, allowing you to try a new look before committing long-term. It is also affordable (and quick) by comparison, since it requires very little Botox to create the desired effect.

    Many patients also benefit from additional Botox injections into the muscle that extends from the side of the nose to the lips to further relax the upper lip when smiling. This is a common treatment for improving the appearance of a “gummy smile,” or upper gums that show when smiling.

    What can I expect during my Botox lip flip injection?

    During the injection, you may feel a pinching sensation; topical anesthetic may be used to minimize the discomfort. Once the anesthetic has taken effect, a very small amount of Botox is injected just above your upper line lip, typically above the corners and above the center of the upper lip. These injections deliver the Botox into the orbicularis oris muscle, which circles the mouth, relaxing the muscle and thereby allowing the lip to roll slightly outward, or unfurl, showing more of your lip. Your results develop fully within a week after treatment, and they last about 3-4 months.

    What are the risks of a Botox lip flip?

    The risks of a Botox lip flip come from overtreatment and poor injection technique. Unqualified or inexperienced injectors can easily inject too much Botox, or inject in the wrong areas, and impair your ability to move your mouth. These negative side effects may include impaired ability to spit, whistle, drink through a straw, or to form certain words. There is also a small risk of your smile appearing asymmetrical after injection.

    Is a Botox lip flip right for me?

    A good candidate for Botox lip flip should be in general good health, and able to avoid alcohol, aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil, and other blood-thinning substances ahead of treatment in order to minimize post-procedure bruising.

    You may be happy with a Botox lip flip if you like the natural shape of your lips, but want a subtle enhancement to your upper lip (especially while smiling), as well as greater definition along the upper lip line. You may also want to combine Botox lip flip injections with lip filler if you also want more volume selectively added to your lips.

    How do I decide between the Botox lip flip and lip filler?

    When it comes to deciding between Botox and filler for the lips, here are the primary differences that we consider:

    • Lip fillers add volume, while the Botox lip flip enhances the shape of your upper lip without changing the shape or volume.
    • Lip fillers can last 6 to 12 months, while Botox wears off in 3 to 4 months.
    • Fillers carry less risk in the lip area, while Botox around the lips can have unpleasant side effects if injected incorrectly.
    • Fillers can smooth deeper vertical lip lines, while Botox can help with mild wrinkles above the lip.
    • A bad result from lip filler can be reversed with enzyme injections that dissolve the filler, but you’ll have to wait out any unpleasant Botox results.
    • The Botox lip flip may cost less than lip filler because it requires very few units of Botox, but lip filler may last longer.

    One similarity between these two kinds of injections is that they require no downtime for treatment. Some patients may experience mild side effects at the injection site, such as swelling or mild bruising, but these typically fade within a week and do not disrupt everyday activities.

    While these considerations can help you get a sense of your options, the ultimate decision on whether to have a Botox lip flip, lip filler injections, or a combination of the two should be based on a conversation between you and an experienced injector. When you visit Maningas Cosmetic Surgery for lip enhancement, we will consider your lip shape and size, as well as the outcome you want, and then create a treatment plan that accomplishes your goal. While it won’t necessarily involve the same injectable(s) that worked for your friend or a particular influencer, it will be the right plan for you.

    How do I find a qualified injector to perform my Botox lip flip?

    If you are interested in the Botox lip flip, find a board certified cosmetic surgeon or nurse injector working under a surgeon’s purview. Ask to see before and after photos of patients with lips very similar to yours in the “before” photos, and examine these critically before committing to the procedure. Your provider’s experience with Botox is critical in this area.

    In Joplin, Bella Vista, or Northwest Arkansas? Schedule a lip flip consultation at Maningas Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa.

    Our highly trained aesthetic nurse injector Beth Henderson RN, BSN is an experienced Botox lip flip provider with a deep understanding of facial physiology. She will help you decide on the ideal injections or combination thereof to achieve your desired results, and should you need a Botox lip flip, she will make sure to inject the precise amount to help you retain your ability to emote while also looking stunning. Beth also offers Botox to treat wrinkles, as well as dermal fillers and lip fillers.

    To schedule a consultation and learn about the full range of Joplin injectables offered by our highly-qualified team, contact us online or call the practice at (417) 437-0303.

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