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    Am I supposed to tip at a med spa?

    Woman paying with her card at a medical spa after getting med spa treatments

    After a medical spa treatment, you may wonder: should I leave a tip? The answer may surprise you! To give you the inside scoop, the aesthetic professionals at Maningas Cosmetic Surgery explain when tipping after your service is appropriate. Plus, they share tips for what to do when gratuity is a no-go.

    To tip…

    It’s customary to tip after facials, body treatments, or other non-medical beauty services provided by an aesthetician. Just like in a traditional day spa or salon, a gratuity for these services shows appreciation for the personalized care and attention you receive.

    You may tip after medspa services such as:

    • Spa facials
    • HydraFacials
    • Dermaplaning
    • Chemical peels
    • Facial waxing
    • Lash & brow treatments

    …or not to tip

    If a licensed medical professional performed your treatment (RN, PA, NP, DO, or MD), tipping is unnecessary and may be against the law. A higher standard of ethical conduct binds these providers to reflect the medical nature of their expertise and services. Prohibiting tips prevents a perception of bias, which could undermine the integrity of the professional relationship, whether the treatment is medical or aesthetic.

    You should not tip after non-surgical procedures such as:

    Typically, only licensed medical professionals perform these types of services (though some states do not require a medical license to inject neuromodulators or fillers), which is ideal considering procedures like these go beyond the surface level of your skin. A medical provider’s comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology is essential for your safety and satisfaction.

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    Medical providers and licensed aestheticians often perform non-surgical procedures such as:

    These types of procedures often require specialized training courses from the manufacturer to ensure the provider understands the device and how to safely optimize results based on each patient’s unique needs, and gratuity is not expected, even if an aesthetician provides the treatment.

    Woman looking in mirror after skin treatment at a med spa

    What to consider when deciding if and how much to tip

    Use these factors to guide your decision-making on when and how much to tip after your med spa treatment:

    • Type of service provider: Remember, a medical degree means no gratuity!
    • Quality of service: Exceptional service that goes above and beyond what is generally expected may warrant a more generous tip.
    • Overall experience: Consider the ambiance, your overall enjoyment of the experience, and your provider’s professionalism and attention to detail.

    A tip of 15-20% of the total for the services you received is generally considered appropriate, and you may decide to include more if your experience is exceptional. And if you’ve received a service as part of a package deal or with a discount, consider tipping on the original price, rather than the discounted price.

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    How can I show my appreciation if tipping is not appropriate?

    You can express your gratitude for treatments provided by physicians and nurses by sharing positive feedback, testimonials, reviews, and referrals. These gestures are deeply appreciated and encourage the ongoing excellence of your providers.

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