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    Woman in Bikini Enjoys Beach After Evolve Trim Tite Tone Non-Surgical Body Contouring

    Does Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Really Work? Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Evolve Tite, Trim, & Tone

    Evolve is the new kid on the block, making body contouring a breeze with no surgery, no freezing cold applicators, and no discomfort. With a few laid-back weekly appointments, you can slim down that pesky tummy pooch, tone your buttocks or abs, or get rid of the post-pregnancy belly for good.

    Wondering how it’s possible that Evolve gets these kinds of results? A lot of our patients are, too, and we are ready to field your questions! Below, we’re sharing everything you need to know about the most advanced non-surgical body contouring technology available to date.

    What are Evolve Trim, Tite, and Tone?

    Evolve Trim, Tite, and Tone are three different non-surgical technologies for sculpting your best body ever by reducing fat (Trim), tightening skin (Tite), and toning muscle (Tone). They are ideal for stubborn areas, whether that’s an area that isn’t responding to exercise, genetic pockets of fat, or small areas of loose skin that stick around post-weight loss or -pregnancy.

    Does non-surgical body contouring really work?

    Yes, non-surgical body contouring works. While a single treatment will not yield dramatic results for most patients, a series of 3 or more treatments can address stubborn areas for patients who are good candidates, creating a visible reduction in fat, tightening the skin, or increasing visible muscle tone.

    It’s important to have realistic expectations for the amount of change you can see through non-surgical methods: While results can make a big difference for those who are targeting a specific area, those with significant skin laxity or excess fat may be a better candidate for surgical body contouring.

    How does Evolve work?

    The Evolve station gives us three body contouring options in one device. Depending on your goals, we can customize your treatment to include skin tightening, fat reduction, or muscle toning using the three Evolve handpieces:

    • Evolve Tite uses radiofrequency (RF) energy that targets the top layer of skin to promote contraction and collagen renewal, shrinking and tightening the skin. We have 8 total handpieces, and we can use the correct ones to address the treatment area(s) of your choice.
    • Evolve Trim also uses RF energy, but tuned to a deeper, customized wavelength that targets fatty tissue beneath the skin. We have 6 handpieces to treat you with Trim.
    • Evolve Tone work by stimulating your chosen muscles group(s) with electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) on personalized settings through 4 applicators sized to sit comfortably on either the abdomen or buttocks.

    Why choose Evolve?

    If you have a relatively low BMI but continue to be concerned with stubborn areas of fat, moderately loose skin, or areas that are resistant to muscle toning in the gym, you are likely a good candidate for one or more of the Evolve treatment options:

    • Choose Evolve Tite if you want to tighten and firm skin in isolated areas where you are experiencing loose, wrinkled skin on the body, i.e. after weight loss or pregnancy.
    • Choose Evolve Trim if you are in generally good shape, but you carry certain unwanted areas of fat (often due to genetics).
    • Choose Evolve Tone if you want the results from 1,000 squats and crunches—without putting in the time in the gym! You may also like to add Evolve to your routine if you find that your work in the gym doesn’t always pay off in the exact areas you want.

    Where can Evolve be used in the body?

    Evolve Trim and Evolve Tite can both be used to reduce fat and improve skin elasticity throughout the thighs, belly area, love handles, bra line, back, and arms. Evolve Tone can improve muscle tone in either the abdomen or the buttocks.

    What is Evolve treatment like? Does it hurt?

    You will be reclined in a chair for the duration of treatment, which is painless (some patients even find their treatments to be relaxing!). The handpieces for the Evolve treatments are applied to the treatment area using a soft strap to hold them in place.

    We will use the Evolve workstation screen to control your treatment applicators. In the case of Trim and Tite, which use warm RF energy, we will monitor the temperature of each handpiece for the duration of your treatment. If you are undergoing Evolve Tone, we will customize the treatment intensity depending on your desired results and comfort level.

    • If you are getting Evolve Trim, you will feel warmth and a slight vibration as the applicator suctions to your skin, a sensation that our patients have found to be very tolerable. There is a gentle “buzzing” noise as the machine supplies RF energy to the handpieces.
    • During Evolve Tite, patients simply feel a gentle warmth—many say that it feels soothing, like a heating pad.
    • Evolve Tone feels like you just did some intense muscle group workouts at the gym—you may feel the telltale tingling in the muscle, or a slight shivering.

    During your Evolve treatment, you can scroll through social media, read, or just relax.

    How much time does Evolve treatment take?

    Evolve treatment session takes anywhere from 15-60 minutes, depending on which Evolve treatment you choose. Evolve Trim treatment takes 15 minutes; Evolve Tite takes 30-60 minutes depending on the chosen treatment area and the starting point of skin laxity; and Evolve Tone takes about 20-30 minutes per treatment.

    How long does it take for Evolve treatment results to develop?

    Results will develop gradually over the course of a few weeks following your final treatment.

    How long will results from Evolve treatment last? Is Evolve permanent?

    Evolve treatment is lasting, but not permanent. Evolve Tone requires regular upkeep, while Tite and Trim results should be maintained with healthy skincare and weight maintenance practices:

    • Evolve Tite creates a lasting improvement in skin tone, as it targets the collagen in your skin to improve firmness from a structural perspective. Your skin will continue the normal aging process, however, so protect your skin from the sun and return for repeat treatments on an as-needed basis to maintain smooth results.
    • Evolve Trim kills fat cells, so you will not be able to gain those same fat cells back—this makes improvements to your overall proportions likely to “stick.” Still, remaining fat cells throughout your body will continue to reflect weight fluctuations; maintaining a steady size will help preserve your intended shape.
    • With Evolve Tone, results are lasting but fade with time if you do not undergo repeat treatments or maintain them with exercise. Treat the improved muscle tone as you would that from exercise: continue to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, and return for Evolve Tone treatment on a regular basis to maintain your results.

    Can I get more than one Evolve treatment?

    Yes! You can get more than one area treated with an Evolve at a time, or you can undergo multiple treatments at once in different areas.

    Is Evolve body contouring safe?

    Yes, Evolve is safe, and each treatment option has extra safety built in. Both Tite and Trim have built-in “patient call” buttons that allow you to pause treatment at any time for any reason, and the EMS strength of Evolve Tone is easily adjustable throughout treatment to ensure the level of muscle stimulation is comfortable for you.

    If you are undergoing either Evolve Tite or Trim, the RF energy will feel like a gentle heat on your skin. Maintaining this controlled temperature allows the device to provide enough RF over the course of treatment to remodel the tissues without overheating the skin.

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