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    Patient 2183

    Breast Revision

    Patient 2183

    AGE: 62

    WEIGHT: 125 LB

    HEIGHT: 5’3”

    PRE-OP SIZE: 350cc-375cc Saline

    DESIRED SIZE: 485cc Silicone

    IMPLANT USED: 485cc Allergan Inspira, Smooth Round Silicone, SRM profile

    TECHNIQUE: Subpectoral implant placement, “Lollipop” breast lift incision

    62 year old female patient presented for cosmetic improvements of her breasts. The patient had a previous breast augmentation over 10 years ago done by another surgeon. Her complaints were she felt like her implants had bottomed out making her breasts appear heavy and saggy. She desired perkier breasts with more volume. She opted to do a revision breast lift with an implant exchange and pocket revision.


    July 1, 2019

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