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    Patient 1428

    Breast Revision

    Patient 1428

    AGE: 37

    WEIGHT: 123 LB

    HEIGHT: 5’3”

    PRE-OP SIZE: 34D


    IMPLANT USED: 650cc Allergan® EFP Silicone

    TECHNIQUE: Pocket revision with dual plane, sub-mammary placement via an inframammary incision

    37 year old female patient presents for cosmetic improvements of her breasts. The patient reports previous breast augmentation in 2017 by another surgeon with mentor 400cc Moderate Plus profile, sub-pectoral and was not satisfied with the results. Her concerns were that she looked bottom heavy with wide set cleavage. She notes she wanted more upper pole fullness for more of an augmented look. We obtained her desired result by preforming and implant exchange and pocket revision.


    April 15, 2019

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