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    Patient 131

    Breast Revision

    Patient 131

    AGE: 47

    WEIGHT: 167 LB

    HEIGHT: 5’3”

    OLD IMPLANTS: 360cc Saline Implants

    NEW IMPLANTS: 750cc Mentor® Siltex Textured Round, High Profile Silicone Implants

    TECHNIQUE: Pocket transition from subpectoral to submammary via inframammary incision

    Unfortunately, we see patients that are unhappy with their results from a previous surgeon. This was the case for this patient that had had her implants for several years and suffered from a double bubble deformity on the left side, plus a ruptured implant on the right side. She underwent the following procedures to obtain her goal of more volume and correct the issues from her previous surgery.

    1. Bilateral Implant Exchange (Originally had 360cc Saline and exchanged for 750cc HP Mentor Siltex textured round)

    2. Pocket conversion from sub pectoral to sub mammary

    3. Repair of Double Bubble Defect on the Patient’s Left Side


    April 15, 2019