Chin Augmentation

Also known as Genioplasty

Chin augmentation surgery involves placing a permanent silicone implant along the lower border of the chin bone. To do this, a small incision is made under the chin in a natural crease or inside the mouth. Chin implants come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and Dr. Maningas can individually tailor your procedure to enhance your natural beauty.

When To Consider A Chin Augmentation

  • If you have a weak, receding chin and wish to make it more projecting and improve your jawline
  • If the chin appears small, and looks out of proportion.

Who Is A Good Candidate?

The best candidates for chin augmentation are individuals who have weak, receding or asymmetrical chins but whose teeth are normally aligned. Realistic expectations are important. While implants can improve and enhance the contours of your face, they will not make your face perfect.

Some patients ask about adding procedures such as cheek augmentation, an eye/brow lift, laser skin resurfacing or an entire face and neck lift. It is especially important to understand the possible outcomes of multiple procedures, especially using facial implants along with chin implants to lift the face.

  • Women or Men
  • Age 18 to 65 (or older if you are healthy)
  • Non-smokers
  • Generally in good health

Recovery & Downtime

You will experience postoperative bruising and swelling, with mild to moderate discomfort for a day or two. A cold compress can be applied to the operative site to reduce swelling, bruising and pain. For facial procedures, Dr. Maningas breaks down your downtime into two categories: surgical (how you feel) and social (how you look). For this procedure, you can expect 3-5 days of surgical downtime and up to 14 days of social downtime. You may be restricted to a liquid-only diet for one or two days. You will most likely be mobile the day of your surgery, but your activities will be restricted for 1-2 weeks.

How Much Does It Cost?

Chin augmentation surgery begins at $3,250. Your specific quote will depend on a variety of factors, such as your specific anatomy and aesthetic goals. At Maningas Cosmetic Surgery in Joplin, MO and Bella Vista, AR, your all-inclusive cost covers everything: facility fee, anesthesia, the procedure, materials used, patient care bag and all routine follow-up visits.