Brow Lift

Also known as forehead lift or browplasty

A brow lift, also commonly called a forehead lift, rejuvenates the face above the eyes to restore a more refreshed appearance that better reflects a patient’s natural vibrance. By removing excess sagging, skin on the forehead and repositioning the underlying muscles and tissues, a brow lift can correct a heavy, sagging brow, eliminate deep furrows, and restore a smoother, more youthful contour to the upper one-third of the face.

When to Consider a Brow Lift

The problem with an aging forehead is the effect it has on our facial expressions—a sagging, heavily furrowed brow can cause us to look constantly tired, worried or even angry. Some of us are also genetically inclined to have a heavier, thicker brow, making us look as though we are wearing a frown even when we are feeling our best. A brow lift directly addresses these issues, helping patients enjoy a more naturally refreshed appearance as well as other positive changes. You may wish to consider a brow lift if:

  • Sagging or low eyebrow position creates a tired, sad or grumpy appearance
  • You have deep horizontal creases across the forehead
  • You have frown lines or furrows between the eyebrows or across the top of your nose
  • You have excess skin or fatty tissue hanging over your eyes

Types of Brow Lift Surgery

Cosmetic surgeons use different techniques for brow lift surgery; which is best for any given patient depends on a patient’s goals, unique anatomy, and the extent of corrections needed to achieve the desired results. Dr. Maningas will listen to your concerns and talk with you during your one-on-one consultation in Joplin, MO or Bella Vista, AR about which technique will be the right one for you.

Who is a Good Candidate?

  • Women and Men
  • Age 30 to 65 (or older if you are healthy)
  • Non-smokers
  • Generally in good health
  • Desires cosmetic improvement in facial features

Recovery & Downtime

Brow lift surgery is an outpatient procedure, performed using general anesthesia or intravenous sedation with local anesthesia. The duration of surgery depends on the type of brow lift as well as whether or not another procedure is being performed at the same time. Your incisions may be closed with sutures or staples, which are typically removed about 1 week after surgery.

Patients typically experience very little pain after a brow lift, but it is common to feel slight discomfort as well as a sensation of tightness throughout the forehead. Swelling and bruising are most common during the first 10 days or so after surgery, and are mostly resolved after about 2 weeks. Numbness of the scalp which typically resolved with time is also common.

The timeline for resuming activity after a brow lift depends on the individual—if you are having a brow lift alone, recovery is usually much quicker than that for a patient having a brow lift in conjunction with a facelift or other more extensive procedure. Patients typically return to normal daily activities after about 1-2 weeks (strenuous exercise will need to wait about 4 weeks). Your cosmetic surgeon will give you detailed instructions for aftercare and returning to activity based on your specific rate of healing.

One of the primary concerns patients have following a brow lift is how soon they will look presentable after their procedure. Again, much of this depends on what procedure or combination of procedures were performed. Bruising and swelling are normal after a brow lift, and will be at their peak about 2-5 days after surgery. After that, bruising and swelling will gradually get better, and should be difficult to notice after about 10 to 14 days. Even so, many patients feel comfortable going out in public about a week or so after their procedures. During your consultation, Dr. Maningas can advise you about when it is safe to wear camouflage makeup.

The improvements made with brow lift surgery will last for many years to come. However, nothing can stop the normal aging process, and eventually your forehead tissues will begin to settle with time and gravity. You can help keep your results looking their best by living a healthy lifestyle. Wear sunscreen daily, eat a diet rich in whole foods and vitamins, and don’t smoke. This will help keep your body healthy and skin looking its best.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price of brow lift surgery at Maningas Cosmetic Surgery begins at $4,250 depending on which procedure or combination of procedures you need. Our all-inclusive quote covers the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia costs, the facility fee for the operating room, any supplies, materials, your patient care bag and all routine follow-up visits.