Breast Services

It is natural to want to retain the look and shape of one’s breasts over time, or in some way augment what is already there. A woman may also think of getting her former breasts back or correcting breast features.

Perhaps you were satisfied with your breasts but grew disappointed when, after pregnancy and childbirth, things didn’t return to normal. Or maybe you just want to enhance what you have. Another common problem women suffer from is back pain caused by overly large breasts or weight gained in the breasts. If, for these reasons, or simply for the purposes of lifting the breast to give it a more youthful look, there is a lot that cosmetic breast surgery can do for you.

We perform many cosmetic breast surgeries including: Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, with or without augmentation and Breast Reduction with lift. These procedures are typically performed in an outpatient setting with IV sedation or general anesthesia. Recovery is usually no more than a few days for an augmentation and a few more days for a lift or reduction. Most women return to normal activity in a week. Dr. Maningas take an artistic approach to contour and sculpt the breasts to create a more natural, youthful look. Take a look below at the different procedures and schedule your consultation with Dr. Maningas at either our Joplin, MO and Bella Vista, AR offices to receive a custom consultation catered to your specific body.