Revision Policy

Due to the uncertain nature of healing, a patient may elect to have an additional surgery performed to modify the results of their original surgery. This revision surgery is purely the choice of the patient, often in an effort to further improve outcomes and improve patient satisfaction. These situations are associated with the extreme variation in response to similar techniques performed during the art of surgery. Certainly all involved want the best possible outcome.

There will be a minimum charge of $1250 for the use of the facility, staffing, supplies, anesthesia and materials to perform a revision surgery. We encourage all of our patients to remain weight stable throughout the process. Additional fees may be required based on the procedure and will be determined in consultation, privately.

Our physician may elect to waive any professional fees if, in the mutual agreement of the patient and physician, this treatment is a recommended treatment and the benefits associated with the procedure outweigh the risk. The agreement to receive additional treatment does not constitute an admission of guilt or responsibility for any further reduction in fees by us or our staff.

The fee for revision surgery is due at the time of scheduling.

This policy has been presented at the time of consultation in order to more fully inform patients of the high cost of surgery and limit uncertainty of possible charges in the future.